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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 28, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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lou: that's it for us tonight. we thank you for being with us. eric trump and gary. >> i am lou dobbs. a lot of breaking developments tonight to cover including terrorism. striking europe's third busiest airport as many as 4 suicide bombers, open fire, with ak-47s before blowing themselve us up. officials say 50 people are dead. police fired shots trying to stop at least two of the why attackers before a reach a security checkpoint. bombers blowing themselves up
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at arrival section of ataturk airport, senior turkish government official telling associated press, all indications suggestion that islamic faith is behind this attack. we have latest details as we bring them, in also, donald trump, making it clear his campaign is all about jobs, jobs, jobs. trump today, in pennsylvania giving a speech, he hammered globalists who take away jobs from our middle classy. and exports those jobs to china, and other low wage countries. has wiped out our middle class .
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lou: trump is holding a campaign event in st. clearsville, ohio. real clear politics show hillary clinton with a 3-point lead over trump. the british government has gun the process of disengagement from the european union. none other than the leader of the uk independence party, nigel farage spoke on the floor of the european parliament. the response was heated. far and was booed and jeered. >> i wanted to lead a campaign to get britain to leave the european union. you all laughed at me. you are not laughing now. i know virtually none of you have ever done a proper job in
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your lives, or worked in business, or worked in trade, or indeed ever created a job. you as a political project are in denial. you are in denial that your currency is failing. lou: making quite a statement and impact. the market did stabilize. investors are beginning to come to terms with the fact the u.k. will be departing the european union. here at home the dow gained 29 point erasing all of yesterday's losses and among our guests here tonight, former presidential candidate former governor mike huckabee. also clinton cash author peter schweizer will be joining us tonight.
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joining me, co-host of "the five." kimberly guilfoyle. another devastate attack at attaturk airport. 50 people resumed to be dead. that number down in the single digits with the early reports. at least 60 people were wounded in the attack. this is a departure of what we have come to expect, going after turkey and the idea erdogan is no longer able to maintain and keep them at a distance. >> this is an aggressive terrorist attack. the islamic state and the first clue was when we got was when secretary of state john kerry singled out isis and talked about the tremendous gain this
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administration has made against daesh and sometimes people act out when they get frustrated. this shows you how completely out of touch they are when it relate to national security and foreign policy. this comes on the heels of a horrible terrorist attack. 49 americans dead in orlando, and a high impact area. third busiest airport in europe. initially people were wondering, is it the kurds? no, this is elements isis coming on the heels of an isis-inspired attack in orlando. the number doubled in the number of dead in an hour since i was doing my show. lou: initially they said two, then it's now they believe four.
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but haven't been able to obviously with the havoc that is going on there -- >> this is such a bold and brazen move. turkey's airport has a unique security measure. before you go through the terminal to enter, you have to pass through a security search. that's what this happened where the shots were fired back and forth between the police officers and the terrorists. if you are able to get through that, there is a second security area right before the departure gate. so there are two means to try to keep guys like this out. lou: people hearing suicide bombers, they don't normally think of a massive bomb. apparently these were powerful suicide attacks. one of them actually tearing
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down the roof, the ceiling of the arrivals there at ataturk, which takes quite a powerful bomb. >> the tremendous blast radius as well. they are investigating that perimeter working with the justice department in turkey and the interior minister's department. lou: this hour we'll be bringing you the latest developments. also tonight, 8:00 p.m. immediately following this broadcast we'll have special live coverage of the terrorist attacks in turkey, the ataturk airport, devoting the hour to covering of what is obviously a devastating islamic state attack. that is a presumption and as kimberly said, secretary of state using the words straightforward. you also raised the politics of this. this administration has tried in every twist and turn to deny the
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power and the influence of the islamic state and even today, talking about daesh. this is a word that is meaningless. but only to this administration and to our military. the pentagon insists on using it as well, conceiving of it as a pejorative towards the islamic state. around the world in europe, news organizations, it's called the islamic state because that's who they are. it's a piece of p.c. trying to deny the name that contains islam. >> they won't say radical islamic terrorism. and they don't want to say isis or islamic state. they are playing symantics gymnastics while making the rest of us less safe. it highlights the point.
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do you want another third term of barack obama with hillary clinton who is pretty much the same foreign policy and national security ideas that the president has. you see it espoused by secretary of state john kerry. we are in real threat against radical jihad. and it's impacting everyone. >> hundreds of attacks being hair yesterday out daily around the globe. one thing is for certain. radical islamist terrorism is not in retreat. kimberly, thank you so much. kimberly guilfoyle. kimberly is guest hosting the real story at 2:00 p.m. eastern and they will be there thursday and friday. we insist she stay here for at east two or three days out of every week. thanks so much. coming back, there is much more
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including the long-awaited benghazi report with new information i think you will find fascinating. trump on trade. he says he will tear up those job-killing so-called free trade deals when he becomes president. >> under a trump presidency the american worker will finally have a president who will protect them and fight for them. >> we take it all off with matt schlapp and sarah westwood tonight. this surfer riding the waves about to have his skills tested. we'll show you what happens to him next.
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lou: donald trump just moments ago in ohio talking about the terror attacks in istanbul at the ataturk airport. >> we had a stew side bombing in istanbul, turkey. many, many people killed. many, many people injured. folks, there is something going on that's really, really bad.
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it's bad, and we better get smart and we better get tough or we are not going to have much of a country left, okay? it's bad. lou: hillary clinton claiming the final report into the benghazi terrorist attack amounts to basically nothing. >> so i'll leave it others to characterize this report. but i think it's pretty clear it's time to move on. thank you all have much. lou: nothing to see her, move on, please. you have got to admire that kind of approach. joining us now, sarah westwood, chairman of the american conservative union. matt schlapp, good to have you both with us. the word i guess that comes to mind is a disasterrity.
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this would be the third term of audacity were she to win. saying this amounts to nothing and it's time to move on. >> to the extent republicans were hoping for a smoking gun out of this report they might have been disappointed. but there is no question it reflects poorly on the administration and the candidate herself. for a candidate trying to paint herself as the best equipped to handle national security emergencies. this is a point where donald trump can say when you got that 3:00 a.m. call you bungled it. this is why it is bad for her moving forward. lou: there isn't much truth to the matter as far as the obama administration is concerned. there is entire battery of smoking muzzles out there. heavy guns that were lying to
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the american people on ends. and this committee at least gets to that point. >> that's right. the big problem hillary clinton has is she has lost the confidence of the american people and her ability to be truthful with them. she hasn't been truthful and forthcoming on benghazi since the first moment this terrible tragedy. lou: i can't think of a time when she has been truthful in her career. >> there is a 20-year relationship the american people have had with the clintons. she is not honest or trustworthy. there is a huge gap in every poll with donald trump on that critical question. are you honest, will you level with us. lou: today donald trump gave one of his best speeches if not the best on trade. he -- and he put forward in succinct and i think bright
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language a precisely the causal relationships between globalism and corporate america, k street and middle class jobs and those who aspire to be part of our middle class in what damage has been wrought. what did you think? >> focusing on the economy playing -- is playing to donald trump's strength. he ex posed an area where the political elites are work at cross purposes with the american people. these multi-national corporations have pumped money into convincing voters these free trade agreements are tha in their best interests and they only lower the wages of the american worker and the free trade agreements don't hold the other countries accountable and in the end they are not good for america.
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lou: he's the first presidential to say point blank, china is a currency manipulator. and focus on the fact apple has 700,000 jobs in china versus 50,000 in the united states. making smart phones of various gadgets, and advance technology. yet, we all know and every economic student in the country knows he or she that if you do not have production in plants proximate your research and development. r and d is not going to go very far. the it's where things are produced and inowe voted. it's happening in company after company, employer after employer. >> when it comes to currency manipulation it's cheepg and an unfair trade practice. the republican and democratic
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leaders are afraid to call it what it is. they feel they have to be careful with china because of strategic reasons. and he's willing to bring up top is other politicians dance around. lou: air pa westwood, and matt schlapp, good to see you both. >> sorry for the filibuster, sarah. >> no problem. lou: please join us here tomorrow night. among our guests will be eric trump and the former secret service officer who wrote "crisis of character" about hillary clinton in the white house. >> virtually every trade agreement has cost the workers of this country millions, millions of jobs.
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lou: i'll take that up in my commentary include be the latest from istanbul on the
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lou: few americans dreamed international trade would be a major issue in this election. but donald trump turned traditional politics on its head. from the moment he entered the race he made it clear to all that 40 years of trade deficits under the guise of free trade are simply dumb. a year ago the republicans in the house and senate chose to give president obama everything he asked for.
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trade promotion. no matter the cost or jobs they 2002 into. amazingly, a bill called the trade adjustment assistance act. they passed a bill to give the president the power to negotiate a free trade agreement, then they bassed a bill to help -- then they passed a bill to help out in some minor ways americans who lose their jobs because of the impact of the first bill. that's beyond dumb. but they keep getting away with it. obama, the capitol hill stooges all want to ratify the trans-pacific trade deal. it was touted by secretary clinton in 2012. >> tpp sets the gold standard in free trade agreements to open free, transparent and fair trade, the kinds of environment
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that has the resume of law and a level playing field. lou: don't you love the level playing feels. pretty level, i think. wow. the standard -- the gold standard of what? of antiamerican dumb? political realities i am picked on mrs. clinton last october. that's when she decided she would be against the deal. some three years after pro blaming it -- proclaiming it to be the gold standard. donald trump fired back at clinton at her highly flexible and ever evolving stance on tpp. >> there is no doubt she'll immediately approve it if it's put before her. that's guaranteed. this woman owns this house,
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lou: hillary clinton delivering a wildly hypocritical speech this weekend in which she attacked political donations from foreign governments. >> we have got to take on citizens united and get rid of the secret money that is rigging the system. i think we are really skating on thin ice. it's getting to the point where we have no idea where money is coming from. it's not being disclosed. it could be foreign government money. it could be criminal cartel money. they don't have to say.
11:34 pm
we will never know. lou: we will try to find out. trump today said it's all talk in reality she wants to keep things the way they are. >> at times the people who rigged the system are supporting hillary clinton because they know as long as she is in charge, nothing is going to change. the inner cities will remain poor, the factories will remain closed, the borders will remain open. the special-interest will remain firmly in control. lou: don't have today. our next guest as hillary and bill clinton have her pick did cronyism on a global scale times scale. joining us peter fisa the present of the government accountability institute author of the book hunting cash in told the story of how and why foreign governments help make businesses businesses -- bill and hillary
11:35 pm
rich. the eve of the democratic national convention. you haven't lost your sense of humor. it's good to have you with us. >> thank you lou it's great to be on with you. lou. lou: i wish is thinking of you and your reaction is hillary clinton was talking about that dark money coming from foreign governments into things like the clinton initiative foundation for the clintons or who knows what. >> it was a bizarre speech that she gave lou. it's as if she was rip van winkle has been asleep since the clinton foundation clinton global initiative had been functioning. if we are concerned about foreign government money in our politics as hillary clinton says she is let's begin with the clinton foundation and begin with a very basic simple premise that is the clinton foundation
11:36 pm
agreed, signed an agreement with barack obama that they would disclose all of their donors on an annual basis. under times under oath hillary clinton told the senate foreign relations committee the same thing and we know they haven't done it, that there are at least 1100 foreign donations that they have any been disclosed to the american public. i was just shaking my head throughout that speech. it was. remarkable for her to say that he. >> i love that expression. we will never know patting herself on the back there a bit. you write about this transaction. it's the transaction that fascinates the most of all that you've written about so many best many aspects but this goes so profoundly to the nation, to its security and to the integrity of the clintons. the clinton foundation received $145 million from the shareholders of uranium one comment that time a small
11:37 pm
canadian company being sold to our friends in russia and with the consummation of the sale they acquire 20% of this country's uranium assets. quite a stroke and the fact that we never had a hearing on that deal in this country. the committee for investment in the united states involving the treasury and the number of other agencies and indeed members of congress never had a voice in that transaction. why not? >> that's a good question and that's why we think it needs to be investigated. look there are couple of things that are extremely troubling about the deal we touched on. number one is the amount of money. $145 million. we are not talking about a super pac giving a million dollars to support a candidate. we are not talking about campaign donations. we are talking about $145 million which by the way is 75% or more of the annual budget
11:38 pm
of the clinton foundation itself so it's a huge sum of money. second of all we are talking about a fundamental issue of national security which is uranium. if it's not like oil and gas that you can find all sorts of places. they are precious few places you can mine for uranium in the united states is one of those areas and number three we are talking about the russian government that a lot of people don't realize it now in parts of the midwest american soil is owned by vladimir putin's government because this deal went through and in addition to the $145 million bill clinton got half a billion dollars, $500,000 for a 20 minute speech from a russian investment bank tied to the kremlin two months before the state department signed off on this deal. it just stinks to high heaven and i think it requires a major investigation by the federal government. lou: and also speaking fees all of it happening
11:39 pm
contemporaneously ashy it is secretary of state and to suggest that did not have an influence as a former president she is a sitting secretary of state in that kind of money with high velocity is buying into their coffers does anyone seriously think that is in a conflict of interest and why in the world with the obama administration act to stop it? utterly then they are indifferent times indifferent. >> your exactly right lou. everyone knows the reason of money list to politicians of politicians as people want something in return particularly when you are talking about overseas in places like nigeria or russia or the united arab emirates. those political cultures are rife with pay off and corruption and to think that you have got a nigerian businessmen pledging $1 billion with a b to the clinton global initiative that he wants nothing from the clintons in return is just laughable and i think the
11:40 pm
american people rack ignites that there is a pay to places in washington and that's why you are seeing this rebellion against money in politics. lou: and trump using your research and investigation to good effect bringing attention to it as you have. as always an outstanding job. we talked about your book for some time now but the reality is it's penetrating the public consciousness now as we are in the throes of this very important presidential election. it's times its times it's great to have you with us. come back soon, would you? >> i would love times love to, thanks lou for having me. lou: peter schweitzer and his feature-length film is debuting in philadelphia on the 20 4th of july. we recommended and the book to you highly. donald trump says hillary clinton engaging in a campaign of fear.
11:41 pm
>> hillary clinton and her times her friends in global finance want to scare america into thinking small and they want to scare the american people are voting for the better future and you have a great future folks, you have a great future. lou: former governor mike huckabee joins me to take all of that up next and by the way wall street coming back today.
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lou: breaking news now, the turkish government has reduced the number of people on the casualty list as they believed have been killed. had been reported earlier, 50 people killed. the turkish government reducing that to 31 right now however the number of people wounded has risen. 147 castle seven castle teas, 147 people wounded in the attack at the ataturk the ataturk airport. the turkey official spoke under condition of anonymity with government procall saying all initial indications suggest the islamic state was behind the attack.
11:46 pm
we will be covering all of us live in the upcoming hour beginning at 8:00 sharp on the east coast and 5:00 on the west coast so please be with us right after this broadcast. joining us tonight the former governor of arkansas former republican presidential candidate like huckabee. governor, good to have you with us. your reaction to what is the now basically another devastating attack, this one in the airport in istanbul at the ataturk airport. >> we go is another reminder that this jv team, isis as the president says is fully contained rebus is the irony of it. we have seen attack after attack whether it's orlando, brussels, paris now istanbul, san bernardino. when are we going to wise up to the fact that we are at war and we are at war with radical jihadists in the name of islam
11:47 pm
and that's just a fact and sooner or times or later maybe somebody will be in the white house who understands that. i hope it's donald trump because i believe he does understand that. lou: and the use of this da'ish which is the language of preference for this and ministries and rather than the islamic state, used by the pentagon and now by secretary kerry even as he is discussing terrorism that has hit istanbul, this is such a level of attempt at mind management, language control. it's baffling that the national media does not rebel against it and call it out for what it is. >> you just wonder when they went to high school did they ever. george orwell? did any of them understand about the twisting of language to make it appear that is something opposite of what it is so that
11:48 pm
we can essentially non-the minds of the masses? so it is the great unwashed are supposed to fall in line and accept the fact that everything of president obama and hillary clinton have been doing has just been terrific but whether it's on trade am i heard you talking about that earlier or dealing with terrorism the problem is the wheels of come off of this cart and this country is starving for the kind of old and decisive leadership that we have not seen in the past seven years lou: donald trump today, he has now agreed to a pattern here of very constrained communication of this message is still delivering those messages powerfully but he is doing so, so effectively. i find it impressive. your thoughts? >> i almost wanted to believe that claude raines was going to step out onto the stage somewhere in washington and say
11:49 pm
round of the usual suspects and sure enough it became. the chamber of commerce and hillary clinton and all beliefs and establishment types of joint around to save what donald trump is saying is simply off base but here's the truth. lou the american people know that the trade deals have not worked in their favor. they are not. i was there last week. donald trump is not against trade and i really get upset when i hear some pundits say donald trump is against trade. now he is not, he is repeatedly said he is first free trade but it has to be fair trade or it isn't free trade. if i sell you something that is worth $10 and i sell it to you for 100, that's not a fair trade. lou: how about calling china a currency manipulator.
11:50 pm
there had to be folks putting their hands over their ears at the business roundtable trying to hold themselves back in the face of truth. it's really been a role reversal over the last 30 years. the chinese can do what they want and the united states which once spoke truth to das boots and communist and authoritarian regimes now whispers not necessarily the truth. >> trade has worked dutifully for the financial community because they can make their money anywhere in the global economy and the money spent quite well but the question is is it good for every american and if every american can't say this is really been terrific and a lot of americans have lost their jobs, their wages their pensions in their homes or in foreclosure there's not much to celebrate in many households across this country and if you want to tell me out to be very happy that a lot of things you have are cheaper because of trade i don't buy that. some things may be that some
11:51 pm
things are cheaper because they are made overseas where we don't subject them to the taxation, to the regulation into the litigation that drives the times the cost up here in america. i think if we ever president, you believe donald trump is that president who will attack the excessive taxation regulation and litigation we can make things in america again and put people to work. lou: well, i think i can say this from your list. mike huckabee, good to have you with us. >> thank you lou good to talk to. lou: on wall street today stock stabilized with fears easing or racing yesterday's losses. the dow jones industrials up to 69 points in times and the s&p gained 36 and the nasdaq of nearly 100 times hundred points, up 97. the european markets also moving higher. how about that, up 2.5% a
11:52 pm
reminder listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. up next on trump insists he will put the american worker first. >> localization has made the financial lead to donate to politicians very very wealthy. i used to be one of them but has left millions of our workers with nothing but poverty and heartache. former presidential candidate media mogul if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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lou: joining me now steve force, forbes media. in light of all that's happening, the brexit vote, the terrorist attack in istanbul. all of this happening. and we are watching donald trump talk about trade in the midst of can you imagine thinking this debate between two presidential candidates would be on something as quote dull like trade? >> and the monetary policy which is a disaster. lou: but related. >> this election is for trump's to lose. he has the economy on his side. he has national security on his side.
11:57 pm
the key thing is, do disciplined speeches, engage in the debate, and she is going to be in trouble. lou: something that she already is in trouble. she is under federal investigation, the benghazi report comes on and documents the duplicity and deceit of a presidential administration of which she was one of the very highest officials. >> he has to do more of we did a week ago and what he didn't do after that i.g. report came out. and precisely do the indictment. like he did from peter schweizer's book. sheer is what she said on the emails, here is what the inspector general said. do it in particulars. not just the generality. he has to do more of the particulars which he did a week ago against her. suddenly a company doesn't get sanctions put on for trading
11:58 pm
with iran after paying her for a speech. lou: he calls her lying, crooked hillary. do you think that's starting to stick? there is quite a body of evidence to support them. >> that's where he has to take it beyond saying crooked hillary. saying why she is crooked. it's not just enough in one speech. he has to start running real ads and do more of that. repetition is the key to get something through. one thing the mainstream media does. they will report a story and drop it. it's the repetition that makes it sing in. lou: you are quite right. but he has a great advantage in our earned media is so plentiful that he is repeating a message. and can do so. >> but the key thing is, the democrats are going to run hundreds of millions in trash ads. lou: i don't think they would stoop to that level.
11:59 pm
i think you are entirely wrong. have we got the sound bite for everybody? let me just read it to you. mr. trump embodies global elites and has taken full advantage of it his entire life, said president obama. he's hardly a legitimate spokeperson for a populist surge for working class people on either side of the atlantic. the president trying to disqualify in trump. >> that's an absurdity. trump in a speech said i used to play that game, i know the game. he takes that criticism away. lou: that's the best obama can do? that's such a week, trivial -- >> he's in a bubble. lou: and a lame duck.
12:00 am
i guess he's got a dog in the hunt. >> if he was a prize fighter he would be knocked out in the first round. lou: steve forbes, thank you. we are coming right back with full report on the terrorist attacks at ataturk airport. good evening. i'm lou dobbs. we are following breaking news. the deadly terrorist attack in europes third biddiest airport, the ataturk airport in istanbul. there were as many as four suicide bombers involved in this attack. one of the suicide bombers detonated himself outside a security checkpoint. according to the a.p., initial indications from turkish officials suggests the islamic state carried out the attack. the turkish prime minister said


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